LeaseWeb Joins Select Group of Microsoft Cloud Partners, Becomes Tier 1 Provider

LeaseWeb, one of the world’s largest hosting brands, has joined the Microsoft Cloud partner network as a top-level, Tier 1 provider. LeaseWeb will combine Microsoft technology with LeaseWeb’s hosting expertise and global reach to develop and deploy “sophisticated, flexible hybrid cloud solutions.”

leaseweb-private-cloudLeaseWeb is one of the largest Microsoft Hosting partners in the Netherlands. By becoming part of Microsoft’s Cloud partner network, LeaseWeb claims it can better help customers running a Microsoft stack to consume services in a data center that blend well with their existing environments.

“Membership in the Microsoft Cloud network allows LeaseWeb to take advantage of Microsoft investments, training and support to more easily provide Microsoft technology-enabled solutions to customers,” said Arno Witvliet, Chief Sales Officer of LeaseWeb.

Microsoft Hybrid Cloud

arno witvliet leaseweb
“Membership in the Microsoft Cloud network allows LeaseWeb to more easily provide Microsoft technology-enabled solutions to customers,” said Arno Witvliet, Chief Sales Officer of LeaseWeb.

LeaseWeb has been delivering and managing Microsoft solutions as part of its portfolio for many years. Joining the Microsoft Cloud partner network would be a natural next step to become more closely involved with the ongoing development within the ‘Microsoft Cloud Technology Stack.’

“The Cloud partner network elevates LeaseWeb’s existing relationship with Microsoft to allow us to work collaboratively to define, evolve and grow the market for hybrid cloud-based services,” said Robert van der Meulen, Technical Evangelist of LeaseWeb. “Achieving this status is a major milestone and the result of a lot of hard work by our product and operational teams.”

The Microsoft Cloud Platform based on Azure like services would be able to provide a consistent infrastructure across customer data centers, Microsoft Azure and service provider clouds. Microsoft works closely with its cloud partners to technically validate services and enable best-practice solutions for hybrid cloud deployments.

“As part of the Microsoft Cloud partner network, LeaseWeb is joining a select group of strategic service providers that can deliver differentiated, value-added services to end customers based on the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud vision,” said Aziz Benmalek, Vice President for worldwide Hosting & Cloud service providers, Microsoft. “Through the combined cloud expertise of Microsoft and LeaseWeb, customers receive flexible solutions that are easy to maintain, manage and upgrade.”

As a hybrid cloud provider, LeaseWeb provides a whole range of hosting solutions that integrate “best-in-class services” offered by companies like Microsoft with LeaseWeb’s hosting platform. This allows customers to use these services solely or in a combination of dedicated and cloud servers. Blending these services would optimize performance and reduce costs, while also providing access to LeaseWeb’s 24/7 support, proprietary CDN and tier 3 data centers.

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