Lefdal Mine Data Center in Norway Seeks New Investors

Lefdal Mine Datacenter, a unique mountain hall data center on the West Coast of Norway with energy-efficient operations which includes a water-based cooling solution allowing up to 50 KW/rack with a PUE of less than 1.15, has hired Pareto Securities as financial advisor to get new investors on board and accelerate its growth.

Sindre Kvalheim
“The current financial structure limits the speed of growth,” said Sindre Kvalheim, CoB at Lefdal Mine Datacenter.

The data center in Norway is Uptime Tier III Design certified. The design approach of Lefdal Mine Datacenter is industrialized and has a built-in flexibility that would make it possible to accommodate variations in both power requirements per unit, as well as different quality requirements/Tier levels. The capacity in Lefdal Mine Datacenter is almost unlimited due to the existing size of the facility and the high volume of hydropower production in the area.

Current owners of Lefdal Mine Datacenter are regional technology investors 50.7%, Dr. Friedhelm Loh (Rittal/IDS) 33.3% and Sogn og Fjordane Energi (SFE) 16%.

“The current financial structure limits the speed of growth,” said Sindre Kvalheim, CoB at Lefdal Mine Datacenter. “We now wish to accelerate the build out of infrastructure and customer intake. The board and owners have decided to hire Pareto to explore possible investors.”

“We have built and operate one of the leading data centers in the Nordics,” added Kvalheim. “Market demand is increasing, and we see that our solution is future proof. High densities, renewable power, low operational costs and increased demand for security are all trends that lead capacity to Lefdal Mine Datacenter.”

Rittal, SFE, Regional Investors

The regional investors have an offspring from a technology cluster based in Måløy. The cluster are involved in data centers, video conferencing, shipyards and marine technology and export.

Professor Friedhelm Loh owns a group of companies that provide software, products and services to a range of industries including switchgear manufacturing, power distribution, steel and plastics. Today, the group has 11,500 employees, 78 global subsidiaries and annual revenue of around €2.2 billion. The largest company in the group, Rittal, supplies enclosures, climate-control technology, power distribution gear and IT infrastructure.

SFE (Sogn og Fjordane Energi) is a publicly owned utility company. SFE owns/rents 24 power plants producing 2500 GWh renewable power in the region of Lefdal Mine Datacenter. SFE is an owner enabling Lefdal Mine Datacenter to offer optimal power solutions and power prices for end clients.