Lefdal Mine Datacenter Signs Another 4 MW

“We are experiencing a massive interest in our product,” said Jørn Skaane, CEO of Lefdal Mine Datacenter.

Lefdal Mine Datacenter, a former mine located at the West Coast of Norway that’s being transformed into a highly secured colocation data center, has signed a 3 MW contract with iNNOVO Cloud GmbH. In addition, Fortuitus AG has increased their contract with Lefdal Mine Datacenter announced earlier this year to 5 MW.

The first iNNOVO Cloud container is already active in Lefdal Mine Datacenter. Due to its efficient design, the BCC IT Container from Rittal would have an advantage that it is particularly suitable for applications requiring high energy density per rack. This also includes HPC applications such as ‘Hashing as a Service’.

With regards to Hashing Services and the underlying blockchain technology, Stefan SickenbergerCIO at iNNOVO Cloud, emphasizes: “The blockchain holds an enormous potential for the future and for almost every branch of industry. Hashing as a Service for cryptocurrencies is just one of many possible applications that we already operate for some of our customers.”

Mr. Sickenberger sees block chain technology as a massive contribution to IT security. “Blockchain technology has the potential to establish a new standard in IT security,” he added. “We are already working with partners on proof of concepts for the use of Blockchain technology in the Industrial Internet of Things area.”

“One of the advantages at Lefdal Mine Datacenter is that we are free to choose which DC TIER Level we need,” added Sickenberger. “This gives a huge flexibility with regards to underlying business models and cost calculations, since we can use a lower DC TIER for low SLAs and higher DC TIERs for high SLAs.”

FinTech Applications

Fortuitus AG, a Swiss technical infrastructure project financing company, is now installing 5 MW of HPC infrastructure into Lefdal Mine Datacenter. The installations will support FinTech applications for European customers.

“Lefdal Mine Datacenter is the most cost-efficient data center we have found. In addition, they offer an unprecedented scalability where we can add large scale capacity in a short period of time,” said Mark Collins, CEO of Fortuitus. We look forward to sign up for more capacity as our demand increase”.

Lefdal Mine Datacenter started its operations in May 2017. “We are experiencing a massive interest in our product,” said Jørn Skaane, CEO of Lefdal Mine Datacenter. The combination of high security, low cost, scalability and green solutions have put us on the international radar. Fortuitus and iNNOVO Cloud are two highly innovative organizations, and we are proud that they have chosen Lefdal Mine Datacenter to host their infrastructure.”