Legrand Introduces New Data Center Aisle Containment System Composed of Pre-Fabricated, Stocked Modular Components

Legrand, a global provider of network infrastructure hardware with reported sales of $5.3 billion in 2015, has introduced its new aisle containment system – Contain-IT FLEX – designed to maximize energy efficiency in data centers while “eliminating many of the shortcomings that are associated with traditional containment solutions.”

The Contain-IT FLEX solution is composed of pre-fabricated, stocked modular components that can be configured or field-adapted to any environment, “eliminating the need for custom engineering and long lead times.” The system would offer airflow integrity greater than 97.5%, helping eliminate bypass airflow and recirculation, mitigating over-temperature alarms and equipment shut-downs that occur due to thermal over-load.

legrand data centers“The right aisle containment strategy can not only improve network uptime, but reduce both the operating cost and the carbon footprint of a data center, making it imperative that data center managers pick exactly the right system to deploy,” said Dan Gosselin, product manager, Legrand. “Whether the challenge is California Title 24 compliance or solving difficult applications, the Contain-IT FLEX solution offers flexibility and superior design, as well as seamless integration into the infrastructure without custom components.”

Legrand’s Contain-IT FLEX aisle containment solution offers horizontal and vertical solutions for hot aisle, cold aisle, or stratification applications. It has multiple support methods, including ceiling-supported with threaded rod, cabinet-supported or via Cablofil basket tray. It would also offer:

  • Modular, flexible components for maximum adaptability
  • Pre-configured aisle kits with single part numbers
  • Configure to order for non-uniform aisles
  • Snap-fit for efficient installation
  • Minimal installation time
  • Ability to support 8 pounds per linear foot of auxiliary equipment
  • The ability to overcome obstacles including building columns; city-scape aisles; gaps in rows; overhead cable management; overhead trades; and in-row cooling

“Ideally, every strategy deployed in a data center will contribute to both energy efficiency and reliability,” added Mr. Gosselin. “Legrand‘s Contain-IT FLEX solution delivers on these by maximizing power and cooling resources and ensuring more reliable uptime.”

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