Leil Storage Introduces Data Storage Solution for Backup and Archival Data

CloudFest 2022

At the CloudFest event in Rust, Germany, a start-up headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, has unveiled its cutting-edge data storing offering. By providing custom, green data storage solutions against low cost, the business seeks to transform the data backup and archiving market.

Leil Storage, which was established by CEO Aleksandr Ragel and CTO Dmitrii Liautov, has teamed up with Western Digital to use HM-SMR disks and Power Disable HDD control. As a result, the business would be able to provide clients with an eco-friendly data storage option that uses less energy, costs less per terabyte, and performs better than conventional old storage systems.

The parent company of Leil Storage, DIAWAY, which was established by the same founders, has been in business for 6 years. It claims to have built a solid reputation as a reliable and innovative supplier of highly scalable, financially, and technically advantageous infrastructure solutions used by ISVs, MSPs, and SPs in more than 40 nations around the world.

Private or Public Cloud Service

Aleksandr Ragel, CEO at Leil Storage
“Our goal is to provide purpose-built data storage that scales out without scaling the bill,” said Aleksandr Ragel, CEO at Leil Storage.

Customers have the option of using Leil Backup or Leil Archive as part of the Leil Storage system, which is offered as a private or public cloud service. In accordance with the most recent EU green agenda, they are tailored for keeping large quantities of backup and preserving data, guaranteeing immutability and quick data recovery.

“Our goal is to provide purpose-built data storage that does not do many things in a mediocre way at once, but the best option for backup and archive, which is greener than the competition, embraces cutting-edge technologies to protect investments, and scales out without scaling the bill,” said Aleksandr Ragel, CEO at Leil Storage.

The key difference for Leil Storage is its capacity to provide a purpose-built “secure and reliable data storage solution at low cost,” beginning at $4 per TB per month, all costs included.

The intended market for the business includes all current partners of approved backup tools with 1 PB or more of managed storage. Leil Storage’s goal is to offer data-intensive companies a better backup and storage option that will help them financially and technologically, allowing them to increase their profit ratios and offer better conditions to their clients while still being more environmentally friendly.