Lenovo Brings Enhanced Hybrid Multi-Cloud and Edge Solutions with VMware


At VMware Explore US 2022 this week in San Francisco, Lenovo has showcased an enhanced portfolio of hybrid multi-cloud and edge solutions with VMware. It would enable clients from a variety of industries, including retail, industrial, finance, healthcare, telecom, and smart city settings, to build applications with better agility and speed.

Lenovo and VMware are working together to develop new capabilities that will give clients IT that would be more effective and simpler to deploy in hybrid multi-cloud and edge scenarios. With better automation, monitoring, and troubleshooting, Lenovo’s recently upgraded ThinkAgile VX solution would offer sophisticated management features that can speed up the implementation of hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure.

Sanjay Uppal, SVP and GM, Service Provider and Edge Business Unit, VMware
“VMware Edge Compute Stack with the Lenovo ThinkEdge portfolio delivers next-generation edge build-out, better enabling enterprise multi-cloud operations with edge-native applications,” said Sanjay Uppal, SVP and GM, Service Provider and Edge Business Unit, VMware.

Lenovo ThinkAgile VX utilizes VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu to “effortlessly” upgrade data centers with preconfigured and pre-validated solutions that handle both classic and contemporary cloud native applications. Tanzu would offer the highest scalability, performance, and reliability. According to Lenovo, customers may see up to a 75 percent decrease in deployment time, single-click automated upgrades, quicker insights, and easier end-to-end day zero and day two operational intelligence with these new features.

Consistent and seamless services must be provided both on-premises and in the cloud as part of the multi-cloud journey. Lenovo offers TruScale Hybrid Cloud with VMware, which combines the security of on-premises infrastructure with the ease of cloud operations. It is based on Lenovo’s ThinkAgile VX and VMware Cloud Foundation. Customers are supported by a single, integrated billing, pay-as-you-grow approach with the Lenovo and VMware integrated TruScale solution, which would contribute to considerable TCO savings.

Transformation at the Edge

Organizations are looking for IT solutions that securely offer quicker processing and real-time insights at the edge to help them change their businesses as more data is created globally, stated Lenovo. To execute cloud-native apps, edge computing environments must offer the speed, resilience, and security needed. As one of the first companies to release the new VMware Edge Compute Stack (ECS), Lenovo claims to maintain its position as an industry leader in providing a wide range of edge-optimized solutions.

“VMware Edge Compute Stack with the Lenovo ThinkEdge portfolio delivers next-generation edge build-out, better enabling enterprise multi-cloud operations with edge-native applications, and together with TruScale provides network, security, and compute resource management as a service,” said Sanjay Uppal, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Service Provider and Edge Business Unit, VMware. “The combined solution enables customers to transform their edge locations and help ensure core and edge resources are not siloed, but rather operate in an extended, micro-services continuum.”

Together, the Lenovo ThinkEdge hardware and VMware ECS software would offer an efficient way to deploy edge computing from retail stores to manufacturing plants and everything in-between. The closely integrated, cutting-edge system integrates VMware Tanzu, vSAN HCI, and Lenovo ThinkEdge. Lenovo clients can quickly deploy and manage hardware and software from the edge to the cloud thanks to VMware ECS’ complete integration of Lenovo’s XClarity hardware management.

Eliminating Storage Bottlenecks

Using Lenovo ThinkAgile VX and Micron’s 7450 NVMe SSDs, Lenovo and Micron worked with VMware to create the first certified vSAN ESA in the industry. In order to achieve optimum performance and efficiency, the combined solution introduces the first single-tier HCI storage solution in the industry and does away with the cache layer. It can be ideal for demanding data center workloads or for clients who need next-generation server architecture with excellent durability.

“Together, with VMware, we are helping to fuel business transformation with hybrid multi-cloud and edge solutions that help customers quickly scale their IT environments to harness the power of data,” said Kamran Amini, Vice President and General Manager of Server & Storage, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group. “We look forward to our continued collaboration with VMware, developing industry-defining innovations that help customers fuel their intelligent transformation.”