Lenovo Data Center Group Unveils New ThinkAgile Hyperconverged Solutions

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Lenovo Data Center Group has unveiled a range of new and updated ThinkAgile hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions. Hyperconverged infrastructure solutions are uniquely suited to provide virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), supporting the need for people to work remotely across many industries such as education and healthcare.

As remote work becomes the new, smarter normal, businesses need to adapt their hybrid cloud strategy and modernize their data center infrastructure. Lenovo is addressing this by delivering an open platform of hyperconverged infrastructure solutions in partnership with Nutanix, Microsoft and VMware. Lenovo is also expanding its software-defined systems management capabilities with Lenovo XClarity.

Lenovo is focused on ready-to-deploy HCI solutions in partnership with industry-leading hybrid cloud software providers. This would enable organizations to deploy and manage a full edge-to-cloud environment with simpler updates, easy scalability and a consumption-based delivery model.

“The strategy toward the new, smarter normal is around modernizing the data center and breaking down the longstanding digital barriers that many organizations face today,” said Kamran Amini, Vice President and General Manager of Server, Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure, Lenovo Data Center Group. “We offer a large breadth of agile and preconfigured edge-to-hybrid cloud solutions in partnership with leading HCI providers that enable customers to harness the flexibility, scalability and economics of the cloud. To help with this transition, customers can leverage our design workshops with our expert solution engineers at no obligation.”

Lenovo, AMD and Nutanix

In collaboration with Nutanix and AMD, Lenovo has launched its new Lenovo ThinkAgile HX HCI solutions powered by AMD EPYC processors. This would enable organizations to run their virtual desktop workloads and maintain consistent performance (in the same 1U form factor), with up to 50% fewer servers. The Lenovo ThinkAgile HX AMD two-socket would deliver a wide range of core counts (2.3X more) to match application needs, two GPUs per one unit and 45% more memory bandwidth.

The factory installed Nutanix software would increase flexibility for customers continuing their multi-cloud adoption journeys. It would provide simplified operations, increased workload density, stronger data protection and seamless application across clouds to enable a true hybrid architecture. Availability is planned in late November as an appliance or a certified node.

Lenovo and Microsoft Azure

Kamran Amini
“We offer a large breadth of agile and preconfigured edge-to-hybrid cloud solutions in partnership with leading HCI providers that enable customers to harness the flexibility, scalability and economics of the cloud,” said Kamran Amini, Vice President and General Manager of Server, Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure, Lenovo Data Center Group.

In collaboration with Microsoft, Lenovo has launched its new Lenovo ThinkAgile MX Azure Stack HCI Edge and Data Center Solutions. This would enable organizations to rapidly deploy a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Lenovo offers customers a one-stop shop for Azure Stack HCI with the new ThinkAgile MX appliances.

This would provide them easy deployment, management and scalability of Azure services from edge-to-core-to-cloud.

In addition, Lenovo plans to offer consumption-based (pay-as-you-go) pricing of Azure Stack HCI and Azure Stack Hub. ThinkAgile MX has a single, simplified console for lifecycle management.

It would deliver an enhanced customer experience, so customers can easily modernize and scale their on-premise infrastructure from edge solutions to cloud.

Lenovo and VMware

In collaboration with VMware, Lenovo has announced its new Lenovo ThinkAgile VX HCI Solutions. This would help improve agility and reliability for SAP HANA database deployments. Lenovo ThinkAgile VX HCI Solutions are 4S certified nodes that enable customers to modernize their infrastructure for high-end database solutions and SAP HANA, improving agility and simplifying lifecycle management of vSAN environments via the integration of Lenovo XClarity Management software and the new vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM) tools.

Lenovo XClarity is the management console for Lenovo ThinkAgile HCI solutions. It provides auto-discovery and asset management, policy-based firmware updates across hardware and software and is the integration interface to leading ISV management tools, including vLCM. Lenovo ThinkAgile VX 4S solution offers double the SAP HANA database memory and direct connect NVMe. It is intened to accelerate response times, speed business insights and improve TCO. Lenovo XClarity will be available later this month.

Lenovo OEM ON DEMAND Program

Lenovo’s OEM ON DEMAND program enables ISV partners to offer turnkey, integrated IT infrastructure solutions to market through their respective brands. Lenovo provides the ThinkSystem platform coupled with their deep engineering, manufacturing and supply chain expertise to integrate and deliver these solutions on behalf of the ISV.

In collaboration with Diamanti, Lenovo has announced the introduction of the Diamanti SR630 solution powered by Lenovo’s ThinkSystem servers. Diamanti specializes in enabling fast Kubernetes deployments, allowing organizations to run containerized applications across hybrid cloud environments. The Diamanti SR630  would enable organizations to rapidly deploy a complete container and Kubernetes solution by integrating high-performance compute, plug-and-play networking, persistent storage, Docker and Kubernetes into a “powerful, simple” full-stack solution.

Available now, the Diamanti SR630 would include:

  • Improved resource control capabilities via configuration of container-granular quality of service policies for compute, network and storage resources deliver guaranteed service level agreements to applications.
  • Simplified operations enabled by a single pane of glass to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters, allowing businesses to focus on deploying modern applications across on-premise and hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Customers can gain “up to 30x performance improvements” for I/O intensive applications and “greater than 95%” of compute resources for applications while “achieving a 70% reduction” in the overall data center footprint using less servers to gain the same performance while lowering overall TCO.

Lenovo is a $50 billion Fortune Global 500 company, with 63,000 employees, operating in 180 markets around the world.


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