Lenovo has announced Lenovo TruScale High Performance Computing as a Service (HPCaaS), which brings supercomputing capacity to enterprises of all sizes via a cloud-like experience. The new high performance computing (HPC) as-a-service (aaS) solution increases Lenovo’s TruScale portfolio. It would allow HPC clients to access more supercomputing capabilities, resulting in a faster time to response for researchers seeking to solve humanity’s most pressing issues.

Cloud-based high-performance computing is the fastest expanding category of high-performance computing, stated Lenovo. On-demand resource consumption would offer more efficient and scalable computing resources to satisfy workload needs. The average HPC cluster is virtually full, with fast growing compute and storage cycle needs and limited room for additional workloads.

Lenovo TruScale HPCaaS provides more capacity, allowing research institutes to compete for funds while receiving faster insights. The technology would offer rack-to-cloud level solutions that are crucial for driving innovation in a variety of industries, including academics, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and healthcare.

“Lenovo TruScale HPC as a Service allows for incredible innovation with the flexibility for HPC customers to expand their clusters when needed,” said Scott Tease, Vice President and General Manager of HPC at Lenovo. “We designed this offering to make high performance computing resources easier and faster to deploy, offering researchers the freedom to think bigger and without technology being a barrier to their success.”

Optimizing HPC Cluster Resources

TruScale HPC as a Service optimizes HPC cluster resources and manages shared access via a pay-per-use approach maintained and supported by Lenovo. HPC workload managers may dynamically access and deploy resources on-demand using equipment placed directly at the client data center. More cluster resources are available via ‘push-button’ access, allowing firms to use additional computing, storage, and acceleration capabilities as needed.

With the new Lenovo TruScale HPCaaS, any company can have rapid access to more computing, storage, and acceleration capabilities, as well as more HPC resources accessible on-demand.

Clients have significant capabilities with Lenovo TruScale HPCaaS to scale their supercomputing requirements as needed. They would be able to:

  • Pay just for what they consume, with no hidden fees
  • Remove resource constraints to easily grow HPC clusters
  • Scale applications without architectural bottlenecks
  • Convert capital investments into operating expenditures to prevent lengthy budget cycles and procurement delays
  • Use Lenovo’s TruScale Portal to manage budgets and visualize consumption and billing
  • Access specialized hardware.