Lenovo Unveils New Systems Management Software and Networking Solutions

Lenovo has announced Lenovo XClarity, an automated systems management solution. The company also unveiled new networking offerings, including two new Lenovo RackSwitch top-of-rack network switches designed to optimize the performance of Lenovo server and storage solutions, and the Lenovo Flex System SI4091 – a low-cost system interconnect module for Flex Systems.

Lenovo XClarity would be an ideal solution for small to large enterprises, service providers, and government organizations. Lenovo XClarity addresses the customer need to centralize and streamline hardware resource management, speed cloud and traditional infrastructure deployments, and enables visibility and control of physical resources from external, higher level management software tools. The new solution is available in two editions, Lenovo XClarity Administrator and Lenovo XClarity Pro.

Lenovo XClarity Administrator 

Lenovo XClarity Administrator is built upon an agent-less virtual appliance architecture, which supports select System x servers and the Flex System converged infrastructure platform.

XClarity Administrator can be configured by an IT professional in minutes rather than the hours it typically takes with traditional system management solutions. The tablet-friendly user interface features an uncluttered design, allowing users to find critical information and execute tasks quickly.

lenovo-ibm-x86-serversCloud and traditional server deployments can be simplified and expedited by automating core infrastructure tasks such as firmware updates, configuration management, and operating system deployments, which helps free IT resources to focus on other critical business needs. Open REST application program interfaces (APIs) enable developers to “easily” integrate the solution with external cloud orchestration or IT service management software tools, such as Microsoft System Center and VMware vRealize solutions.

Lenovo XClarity Pro

Lenovo XClarity Pro includes Lenovo XClarity Integrator for VMware vCenter and Lenovo XClarity Integrator for Microsoft System Center, along with Lenovo XClarity Administrator. The software is intended for customers looking to further centralize their server management activities within the virtualization management environment.

Lenovo XClarity Pro streamlines server maintenance in cluster environments to reduce workload downtime, where workloads are dynamically moved from affected hosts through automated, non-disruptive rolling reboots and firmware updates. Additionally, Lenovo XClarity Pro would reduce unplanned downtime by dynamically evacuating workloads from affected hosts during predicted hardware failures.

Lenovo Networking

Lenovo RackSwitch G8296 and Lenovo RackSwitch G8272 are two new top-of-rack networking switches optimized to support Lenovo server and storage solutions in the data center. These cloud ready switches would deliver optimized, low latency performance for 10Gb and 40Gb Ethernet connectivity and support OpenFlow and Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) communication protocols.

lenovo-serversLenovo Flex System SI4091 is a low-cost interconnect module supporting 10Gb Ethernet or FCoE designed to simplify network and interoperability challenges faced by IT system administrators. The module features pre-configured settings that eliminate the need to configure each device or individual ports, thus reducing the number of required management points.

“We continue expanding our enterprise solutions portfolio to enable our customers to optimize infrastructure performance and reduce cost of ownership, regardless of their environment,” said Darrel Ward, vice president, Enterprise Systems Marketing and Enterprise Storage Business Unit. “Lenovo XClarity dramatically simplifies system management, helping organizations do more with less, while the networking solutions deliver great performance, optimized for Lenovo server and storage solutions, at an extremely attractive price point.”