Lens Extensions Directory: Adding IDE Extensions Directory & Searchable Marketplace

Download Lens Free: https://www.mirantis.com/software/lens/

The extensions directory aims to improve Lens, the Kuberentes IDE by providing the community a better experience of integrating their own solutions with the platform.

Moreover, the marketplace will enable a smoother and more straight forward installation process for extensions, as well as making all Lens extensions searchable, empowering developers to more easily register and find available Lens extensions.

0:00 – Introducing the Hack
0:27 – The Problem
1:53 – Demo: Current Lens Extension Installation Process
2:44 – The Solution
4:14 – The Value of the Solution
4:54 – Demo: New Lens Extension Installation Process via Extensions Directory

Duration: 00:09:21
Publisher: Mirantis
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