Leveraging the Rackspace Cloud CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) can play a huge role in your hosting approach and contribute to major performance gains. As Rackspace expands their CDN offering, +Alan Bush and +Drew Cox will be taking a closer look at how to incorporate the CDN into your solution and get the full value out of the technology.

Join us this afternoon with your questions, comments and experiences.

Hangout 2-26-2015
Leveraging the Rackspace Cloud CDN

Megan Meza – Product Manager, Rackspace CDN

What is a CDN – Generally? (3:34)
How Do You Use the Cloud Files Version of CDN? (10:37)
Delivering a “Sorry Page” (13:47)
Q&A – CDN and Site Failure (15:54)
Delivering an Entire Site on CDN (18:07)
New Rackspace CDN – How is it Different, What Are the Benefits? (22:06)
Origin Pull – What’s Up With That? (22:23)
CDN – Ease of Use (26:09)
Call to Action – Sign up for the Beta (33:33)
Q&A – F5 Compatibility (36:58)
Q&A – SSL and CDN (38:16)
CDN Questions? (40:36)
Wrap Up (42:09)


Sign up for the Rackspace CDN Early Access Program

CDN Early Access Sign-Up Form

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Duration: 43:36
Publisher: Rackspace
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