Life Sciences CSP Selects Cloudian Object Storage


A new service offering built on Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage platform has been unveiled by Validated Cloud, a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) in the Life Sciences sector. To fulfill the needs of Validated Cloud clients for completely compliant data management and protection, including data archive and data lake use cases, the new service, GxP S3 Simple Storage Service, utilizes HyperStore’s infinite scalability, military-grade security, and native S3 compliance.

Doug Lantigua, co-founder of Validated Cloud
“Cloudian gives us a modern storage foundation fully under our control, which is essential when it comes to the data we manage,” said Doug Lantigua, co-founder of Validated Cloud.

Validated Cloud was founded in 2011 to assist emerging clinical stage to mid-sized Life Sciences enterprises in accelerating the deployment of validated systems on a compliant platform – and for a fraction of the cost of a DIY effort.

Validated Cloud has noticed an upsurge in client demand for storage solutions that could accommodate the fast-expanding ecosystem of S3-compatible applications over the past year. As a result, the business started looking for a storage supplier who might assist it in meeting this need.

“As we do for any major technology purchase decision, we developed an extensive set of selection criteria,” said Doug Lantigua, co-founder of Validated Cloud. “After conducting a thorough evaluation of different solutions, we found that Cloudian best met the criteria. Key benefits included highly secure multi-tenancy and the ability to manage the environment separately from how users access it. It fit our security model very well and plugged in directly to the way we already work.”

Cloudian-based GxP S3 Service

Validated Cloud deployed a petabyte scale HyperStore solution across two data centers for its GxP S3 Simple Storage Service. Fully compliant with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Medicines Agency (EMA) and UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) regulations, the service provides storage for GxP data use cases, including:

  • GxP/Validated Data Archive
  • GxP/Validated Data Lake
  • Validated Clinical Data sharing between sponsors and contract research organizations
  • Offsite storage for GxP lab and manufacturing data
  • GxP storage for validated next-generation sequencing (NGS) data

Cloudian gives us a modern storage foundation fully under our control, which is essential when it comes to the data we manage,” added Mr. Lantigua. “We’re looking forward to bringing the benefits of our Cloudian-based GxP S3 service to our customers.”

Aimed at hybrid cloud use cases, Cloudian’s S3-compatible object storage would enable users to maximize data access, meet data sovereignty requirements, and reduce costs by consolidating information to a single, cloud-like platform. According to Cloudian, the platform comes with “military-grade security, limitless scalability, and seamless cloud integration.”