Limelight Launches Orchestrate, a CDN Solution for Media and Broadcasters

cdn-solutionLimelight Networks, a provider of Content Delivery Networking (CDN) technology, has announced availability of its Orchestrate solution for Media and Broadcasters. The new integrated workflow solution would empower broadcasters and media content owners to deliver broadcast-quality video to online audiences faster and easier.

The Limelight Orchestrate solution for Media and Broadcasters would offer a powerful cloud-based CDN solution that reduces content publishing complexity, while also improving the availability, performance, scalability, and protection broadcasters need to efficiently deliver digital video content.

Key features of the Limelight Orchestrate CDN solution include:

  • Single Upload and Automatic Transcoding – Upload a single video that is automatically transcoded, removing the need to manage multiple versions of the same video or worry about compression, digital rights management (DRM) protection or global replication.
  • Zero time to Publish (ZTP) – Enables playback immediately after a file has uploaded. This means breaking news or announcements can be communicated almost instantaneously.
  • Closed Captioning – Incorporates closed-captions into live and video on demand (VOD) video content effortlessly.
  • Multi-device Media Delivery (MMD) (Live and VOD) – Automatically transforms and adapts digital content, enabling flawless delivery to any device, in any format, anywhere in the world.
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) Support – Integrates multiple best-of-breed DRM solutions such as Adobe Flash Access and Google Widevine. This support provides an end-to-end Widevine offering, including packaging, policy management, client development Software Development Kits (SDKs), and secure delivery.
  • Monetization – Enables broadcasters to monetize their content more easily by setting rules, targeting options, and frequencies due to integration with multiple ad networks. Gives broadcasters full control over campaigns at both the video and channel level, allowing them to create targeting options, implement ad insertion policies, and adjust channel frequencies.
  • Robust REST-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) – Allows low touch and easy integration with existing publishing workflows, which users can optionally choose to access via HTTPS.
  • Actionable Analytics – Measures user engagement to better understand which videos users are watching, at what time, and where. Users can integrate with existing analytics engines, preserving the visibility to ad starts, quartiles, completes and third-party verifications.

With Limelight’s 40+ worldwide locations, content providers utilizing Limelight’s CDN solution would benefit from reduced latency and improved access efficiency. The Limelight network delivers over 9TB of egress capacity, ensuring scalability, also in the case of unforeseen traffic spikes.

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