Limelight Networks joins Google Cloud Platform’s CDN Interconnect Program

Limelight Networks, a global provider of content delivery (CDN) technology and services, has joined Google Cloud Platform’s CDN Interconnect program. Limelight’s customers will now be able to leverage the company’s network inter-connectivity and CDN capabilities with Google Cloud Platform’s product offerings, including Google Cloud Storage and Google Compute Engine.

As part of this relationship, Google and Limelight Networks will work together to drive customer success through technical integrations and mutual sales engagements. Joint customers would benefit from faster object delivery, global scale and the flexibility to use both Limelight Networks and Google Cloud Platform. The joint offering is available immediately.

limelight networksLimelight’s CDN has direct links with Google’s edge network. Joint customers egressing network traffic from Google Cloud Platform would benefit from the direct connectivity to Limelight’s CDN “with improved performance and response times, as well as lower network egress costs.”

“Our network’s global footprint, scalability, and capacity makes us one of the leading Google Cloud CDN Interconnect providers,” said Robert Lento, chief executive officer (CEO) of Limelight Networks. “Our relationship with Google is a strong indicator of our capabilities and commitment to securely deliver internet traffic to organizations and consumers around the world.”

Limelight Networks operates a global CDN on its own private network to deliver digital content for its customers. They operate one of the largest private global backbones for a CDN in the world, with over 15 terabits per second of egress capacity, and deliver billions of objects every day for their customers. Limelight delivers multimedia, file and web content for their customers around the globe.