Limestone Networks Launches Its OnePortal Rapid Cloud Platform

Limestone Networks, a cloud IaaS and dedicated server hosting provider, has announced the launch of its OnePortal Rapid – a new public cloud computing service. OnePortal Rapid would enable hosting clients to consume cloud and bare-metal server hosting through a developer friendly, feature rich platform based on the open-source Openstack software.

The platform is built to facilitate complete hosting automation through a standard API, instant provisioning, and a robust variety of services and applications.

“Our customers rely on us for a diverse service offering,” said Steve Evans CEO of Limestone Networks. “So we built a platform that has all of the benefits of cloud hosting, such as instant provisioning, scalability, flexible billing, and is even more customizable than the bare metal hardware builds we do daily.”

Virtual machines and bare-metal on the new platform are SSD-backed by default. However, customers can provision magnetic disk-backed VMs as well, or create and attach additional volumes on the fly. All data is replicated to 3 different servers regardless of the storage media used.

This would provide for seamless restoration of service to instances in the event of hardware failure, zero-downtime maintenance windows, and more efficient resource management to maintain peak performance. Redundant power and network are standard features on every instance and dedicated server provisioned under OnePortal Rapid.

limestone networksIn addition to sub-1-minute instance and dedicated server provisioning times, Limestone Networks has implemented an hourly, pay as you go, utility-style billing model for OnePortal Rapid, which would allow clients to scale cloud and dedicated servers up and down dynamically. This can be done via the Openstack Horizon web UI, or through the standard Openstack APIs, development libraries, and compatible applications. Snapshots of servers and volumes can be created quickly and cloned as needed. Clients can also upload RAW virtual machine images for private use.

Features that were previously under limited release to Limestone Networks’ bare-metal and colocation products are standard in OnePortal Rapid. IPv6 is standard on public Internet interfaces. DDoS protected IPs and Limestone Private Network interfaces are available on all servers. High-speed network interfaces are standard. The minimum network interface speed is 20Gbps. As always, bandwidth on the Limestone Private Network between all services is free.

Firewalls (security groups) are available and clients can use these to protect instances from unwanted malicious traffic while dynamically allowing desired services through use of the API or web interface.

OnePortal Rapid leverages Bitnami application images to enable one-click launching of instances with applications pre-installed and ready for use. Bitnami images offered at launch include WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Gitlab, and more. Ceph based replicated storage would provide the service with highly-available, self-healing, software-defined storage to facilitate easy scaling. Various supported OS images are available for immediate deployment such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, and CoreOS.

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