Linode Enhances its Cloud-based Load Balancer Service With Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

cloud-servers-linodeIaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) hosting provider Linode has enhanced its cloud-based load balancer service with secure socket layer (SSL) connections. E-commerce and other secure (https) websites using Linode cloud servers would now have more flexible options in transmitting sensitive data.

The Linode SSL service is called NodeBalancer SSL. Linode’s NodeBalancer can automatically terminate and switch secure socket layer (SSL) connections. Administrators would enjoy the same functionality and performance they have in http-mode. In the same way that Linode’s NodeBalancer provides point-and-click high availability for scaling, administrators would be able to employ point-and-click SSL termination when they want to load-balance secure connections.

Free upgrade existing cloud servers

From the NodeBalancer API administrators can select https-protocol from the drop-down menu, and then provide an authorized certificate and its private encryption key. Administrators can also generate their own certificate or use chained certificates. Traffic to secure connections is then managed and balanced automatically without site visitors needing to view certificate warning screens.

Linode’s NodeBalancer automatically scales up to 10,000 concurrent connections, enabling clients to easily scale to multiple cloud servers right when they need to. There is no additional cost for the SSL-supported upgrade to existing cloud servers.

“E-commerce sites are among the most heavily trafficked sites on the Web, and capably balancing server workloads to optimize efficiency can be critical to the bottom line,” said Christopher Aker, founder and CEO of Linode. “With NodeBalancer SSL, users can efficiently distribute workloads that require the transmission of sensitive data – such as credit card and banking information – so when traffic spikes they take full advantage of online sales opportunities.”

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