Linode Unveils Longview Apps with Performance Analytics for Virtual Servers

virtual-servers-vps-hosting-linodeHosting provider Linode has unveiled Longview Apps, a set of extensions to the Longview Linux server statistics monitoring and graphing service. With Longview Apps, Linode is now offering system administrators a graphical dashboard of up-to-the-minute Apache, MySQL, and Nginx resource and performance metrics for its virtual servers.

The graphical dashboard for virtual servers  (VPS hosting) allows users to manage system and application resources, tune MySQL queries, troubleshoot application slowdowns, and reduce risk. Longview Apps can also record and analyze months of historical application data to help administrators plan effectively for high traffic events and expansion.

Longview Apps for virtual servers  adds instant insight into:

  • Apache, Nginx, and MySQL resource utilization.
  • MySQL Select, Update, Insert, and Delete MySQL queries.
  • Cached MySQL queries.
  • Apache and Nginx thread usage.

With Longview and Longview Apps, system administrators and Web developers can:

  • Troubleshoot sluggish server and Web application response.
  • Discover and tune slow MySQL queries to improve user experience.
  • Record all systems and application activity to investigate ongoing performance issues or the impact of a change on infrastructure.
  • Better estimate future resource needs and scale resources as needed.
  • Test and analyze new application code and system configurations to understand their performance implications and reduce risk.
  • Evaluate load distribution across backend databases and web servers.

“Since using Longview, our systems have operated with amazing efficiency and experienced no downtime,” said Michael Girouard, Lead Developer of Push, an interactive marketing and branding consulting firm. “Its graphs are visually stunning making it easy to identify issues and glean insight from comprehensive and oftentimes complex data. It helps us prepare for high traffic events by learning from past issues.”

From six data centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific, Linode provides hosting tools and solutions like cloud hosting and virtual servers (VPS hosting) for 150,000 customers worldwide, including individuals, small- and medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises.