Linxdatacenter Unveils IT Tools for Remote Work

Linxdatacenter, an international provider of colocation, cloud and connectivity solutions, with data centers located in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia as well as a partner facility in Warsaw, Poland, has created an IT toolkit that enables businesses to continue effective operations under quarantine – and afterward.

Earlier, Linxdatacenter announced free-of-charge access to cloud services for companies whose business was suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, Linx Remote Toolkit goes further, supporting organizations forced to adapt their processes to work outside the office and struggling with increased load on their IT infrastructure under quarantine.

The massive shift to remote work, the conversion of events and business trips to online mode, the growing demand for online services in general, these all lead to rising pressure on IT, stated Linxdatacenter. Companies must now:

  • Organize new connections
  • Increase circuit bandwidth
  • Arrange access to resources in local server rooms
  • Set up new applications for networking
  • Add more powerful information security tools as fast as possible

In response, Linxdatacenter has created an ecosystem providing businesses with these solutions on request:

  • Unlimited increase in IT capacity and circuit bandwidth
  • Remote desktops with full setup, integration and security
  • Backup & recovery

Linxdatacenter bases these solutions on its own cloud platforms and data centers and on the services of global providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Alibaba Cloud, and Nutanix Xi. Access to these global platforms enables companies to expand their IT resources quickly.

“Businesses urgently need solutions for increasing IT capacity and circuit bandwidth,” said Olga Sokolova, General Director of Linxdatacenter. “The load on circuits will continue to grow during the pandemic and afterward. To take just one example, companies that traditionally operated offline are now going online with videoconferences. Who ever thought that sports studios would have to start digital training to stay in business? I am sure that our Remote Toolkit will help many companies ride out this storm, and even transform their businesses for the future.”

AWS, GCP, Nutanix, Oracle

Olga Sokolova
“The load on circuits will continue to grow during the pandemic and afterward. Businesses urgently need solutions for increasing IT capacity and circuit bandwidth,” said Olga Sokolova, General Director of Linxdatacenter. 

Linx Remote Toolkit supports employees working off site and staff hired temporarily, as it allows the prompt launch of the whole complex of necessary software: office and conference applications, a full set of security tools, and a secured VPN connection. Thanks to Linxdatacenter connectivity with global providers, companies can set up virtual workplaces with maximum security on any platform they choose: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Nutanix Xi Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and others.

The remote-desktop service consists of terminal servers with RDP connection based on the Linxdatacenter cloud, virtual workstations on Amazon WorkSpaces, and Microsoft Office 365 services in the cloud. It includes tools for corporate data protection: secured VPN connection, information security tools, user-device scanning, and multifactor authentication. Linxdatacenter bases its backup tools on Veeam Software. Backup, recovery and replication – managed through a functional console – would ensure reliable access to data and applications. Using Linxdatacenter cloud, companies can avoid the necessity of supporting their own external infrastructure for backup.

Linxdatacenter Connectivity

Via Linxdatacenter, businesses can use global networking services; connect their IT infrastructure in Russia and abroad; and link to the largest SDN providers, traffic and content-exchange networks all over the world: (IX) Equinix, DE-CIX, London-IX and AMS-IX.

Linxdatacenter sites in Moscow and Saint Petersburg link via dedicated circuits and direct connections to the infrastructure of SDN provider Megaport at STO1 in Sweden and Equinix FR5 in Germany. With these Points of Presence (PoPs), Linxdatacenter can organize connection to global providers and services.

As the owner of traffic exchange points at its own sites, Linxdatacenter helps carriers lower traffic latency. Connection to IX Linxdatacenter enables companies – with services deployed on such platforms as AWS, Google and Azure – to build dedicated circuits to global cloud providers and further reduce the time to access their resources.

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