Liqid Raises $10 Million in Series A Funding to Accelerate Development of Its Flagship Liqid CI Platform

Liqid, a provider of on-demand composable infrastructure (CI) technologies, has secured $10 million in Series A funding led by Marker Hill Capital, joined by existing investor and strategic partner, Phison Electronics Corporation. Liqid will use the funding to accelerate development of its flagship Liqid CI platform for 2017 general availability, recruit additional engineering talent, and drive its sales and marketing efforts.

As a global provider of composable infrastructure (CI), Liqid’s open platform would allow users, either manually or through policy-based automation, to “effortlessly” manage and configure “physical,” bare-metal server systems in seconds.

data center new jerseyThe Liqid CI Platform would exponentially increase business agility by allowing IT administrators to fully automate their infrastructure resources to meet the demands of both legacy and modern software while scaling and composing on demand to accommodate the latest business critical applications.

Along with previous seed funding from Kingston Technology, Phison Electronics, ABR Capital Management and DH Capital, the company has now raised $20 million to drive the future of composable infrastructure (CI) architecture in the datacenter.

“Traditional approaches to datacenter architecture have fallen short of addressing the growing need for data agility and infrastructure flexibility and efficiency,” said Tom Juracek, Managing Director, Marker Hill. “Liqid has risen to the challenge by delivering the world’s first truly composable infrastructure, offering a timely revolution in infrastructure that enables IT users to pool and deploy compute, networking, data storage, and graphics processing at the bare-metal server level. The Liqid CI Platform enables the kind of data agility IT users require, providing unprecedented ability to scale infrastructure resources to meet demand and instantly reprovision when their needs change.”

Data center architectures have seen significant advances with the advent of the cloud era but have remained shackled by the motherboard/chassis paradigm, stated Iiqid, which locks resource allocation to the point of purchase. Through innovations in low-latency fabrics and intelligent software, the Liqid CI Platform would address this painful and costly limitation by leveraging pools of compute, networking, data storage, and graphics processing residing on the PCI-express (PCIe) fabric, managed by Liqid CI software, to deliver transformative results.

With the Liqid CI Platform built on disaggregated resource pools, users would be freed from the restrictions of the motherboard/chassis configuration that has remained one of the final physical limitations of the digital world. Data center resources can communicate natively via Liqid Grid, Liqid’s PCIe-based fabric switch. Liqid CI software would allow IT users to orchestrate resources as needed and instantly reallocate physical resources as business needs change.

“We are excited and humbled that these incredible partners have recognized the unparalleled value that Liqid CI presents the market,” said Jay Breakstone, CEO of Liqid. “With a strong technological foundation and some of the most talented engineering and business professionals in the business, we are eager to use this funding to expand our team, refine our industry-leading CI offering, and educate the marketplace on the value of the unprecedented data agility that the Liqid CI platform brings to modern datacenter architecture.”

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