Liquid Web Cloud Data Center Grand Opening

Liquid Web opens new 90,000 sqft data center to support its new Cloud Computing Product!

Come Tour Liquid Web’s new 90,000 sq. feet Cloud Computing Data Center!

WHAT: Liquid Web Inc. is holding a Grand Opening ceremony to unveil Michigan’s first Cloud Computing Data Center.

WHEN: 12 noon, Wednesday, Nov. 11

WHERE: Ena Drive, Lansing, Mich.

WHY: This event will celebrate the completion of primary construction on Liquid Web’s $80 million Cloud Computing Data Center & World Headquarters Facility. The new facility will be 90,000 sq. feet with capacity for 25,000 servers to support a new proprietary Cloud Computing product that Liquid Web has been quietly developing for over a year. Liquid Web’s Cloud Computing World Headquarters accommodates 600 Heroic Support Engineers to support Liquid Web’s growing global customer base and their move into the Cloud Computing marke

Duration: 1:41
Publisher: Liquid Web
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