Liquid Web Releases ‘Storm Private Cloud’ With Extensive Customization Options

Managed web hosting provider Liquid Web, with locations in Michigan and Arizona, has launched a private cloud hosting platform for dynamic cloud instance deployment, with extensive customization options.

The new cloud hosting product would enable users to create private virtual data centers of their own. ‘Storm Private Cloud’ allows users to purchase a server and, rather than deploying a single large instance, split it into multiple virtual instances, thereby delivering the ability to deploy customized cloud slices within single servers.

Move instances between private and public cloud

Liquid Web claims the development was inspired by direct feedback from their clients requesting the ability build virtually within their own servers. Storm private-cloud-hosting-liquid-webPrivate Cloud users will be able to move virtual instances between the public and private cloud hosting environment as well as possess the ability to instantly customize each instance’s size, RAM, disk size, number of cores and more.

By developing servers that allow customers to create their own cloud instances, Liquid Web expects its new product will appeal to businesses looking for new ways to partition their separate hosting environments, cloud resellers, developers looking for efficiency and control, as well as anyone interested in cloud hosting with security concerns over the public cloud.

Liquid Web Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1997, with three wholly owned data center facilities located in Lansing, Michigan. In 2010 Liquid Web opened a software development office in Scottsdale, Arizona, followed in 2012 by physical data center space in Phoenix, Arizona.