LISTEQ Cloud Desktop Now Available Through Parallels’ APS Ecosystem

LISTEQ Cloud Desktop, a software product that enables cloud hosting service providers to offer their own Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), is now integrated into the Application Packaging Standard (APS) ecosystem established by Parallels.

cloud-desktopsThe addition of LISTEQ’s Cloud Desktop to Parallels’ APS ecosystem, provides a wide range of cloud hosting service providers with a  plug-and-play Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI solution that can be integrated into their own infrastructures. Through APS integration, LISTEQ Cloud Desktop expects to win about 8,500 new seats within the next 12 months.

Cloud hosting service providers can work with Parallels to leverage cloud applications, such as LISTEQ Cloud Desktop, to provide a seamless purchase, deployment and maintenance experience for SMBs.

Ecosystem for servicing SMBs

“SMBs across Europe have a high willingness to adopt cloud hosting services, indicating that they are likely to go straight to the cloud, rather than taking the intermediate step of installing in-house IT solutions,” said Simon Overgaag, CEO of LISTEQ Cloud Desktop. “With that and the BYOD model penetration, we feel we have the momentum to leverage an easy and affordable solution, targeting SMBs through the Hosting and Service Providers channel. LISTEQ chose APS because Parallels is the main ecosystem for servicing SMBs and providing access to the extensive service provider pool all around the world.”

LISTEQ is headquartered in the Netherlands. The company delivers products built with its unique software components, Cloud Desktop – Running Desktops in the Cloud (BoXedVDI), and BYOD – Clients providing access to Desktops from any device and/or platform (Windows, Android, iOS, Ubuntu and HTML5), including all Zero/Thin Clients. LISTEQ’s products are “plug & play”, and available for all operating systems and hardware.