Live Chat Benefits – How To Add LIve Chat On Your Website

How To Add Live Chat To Your Website.

My top tip for today is to use Live Chat on your website.

If you run a website & you’re serious about growing your business then Live Chat is a no-brainer.

Read the 18 Benefits of using live chat on your website.

18 Business Benefits Of Using Live Chat For Business

If you’re not familiar with Live Chat it’s the little chat box in the corner of your website that allow people to chat with you through a little window.

Now Live chat is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Ignore those little voices that say “Oh, my customers prefer the phone” or “Live Chat is only for big companies” or whatever.

Exactly. People love to chat. They enjoy it, they’re comfortable with it & they LOVE IT.

So don’t disappoint them.

It’s one of the best investments you’ll make. It’s fast, it’s cheap, it’s easy to use & it will give you a serious advantage over less savvy competitors.

So here are the main business benefits of using Live Chat on your website:

It says that you are open for business and that you are serious about Customer Service.

Customers prefer the anonymity of online chat so it’s a fantastic way to encourage them to engage with you.

It helps you capture new leads.

It’s cheap for you, it’s free to the client & it’s extremely efficient – your staff can handle several chats at once, rather than one phone call at a time.

It works on mobiles too so your visitors can chat to you via their Phone & you can chat to them through yours

It’s a fantastic way to train new staff because you can monitor and review chats

It encourages consistent sales messages by the use of canned response

You can create different departments, and route chats through to them, you know like Sales, Accounts, Tech Support, Customer Service, etc.

It allows you to identify common problems & opportunities by reviewing chat transcripts

I could go on & on. I love Live Chat. We’ve been using it at Pickaweb for years & I couldn’t imagine life without it.

In fact, if you’ve got a website with traffic, I’d say it’s the only tool that will give you a return on investment in minutes.

We use LiveChatInc which is a great tool – there’s a link below so check it out, but there are loads of other options out there.

So there you go. That’s my top tip for today – use Live Chat.

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I hope you liked this video on how to add live chat to your website and its benefits.

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