Live Google Cloud Platform Webinar: zulily turns big data into big advantage

Zulily is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the United States. “Data-driven decision making” is part of zulily’s DNA. Rapid sales growth and an ever-changing assortment of new products have triggered exponential growth and required zulily to redesign the way they process, analyze and use data. Improving their online experience to be more relevant to customers required putting this massive data to work as well as undergoing many iterations to their technical systems.

Join big data experts from Google Cloud Platform and zulily to learn and discuss:

-Best practices and implementation strategies to drive value from big data using various products such as Google BigQuery and Hadoop, so technical teams can scale product efforts quickly
-How Zulily uses Google Cloud Platform to improve customer experience, increase sales, and increase relevance via their marketing initiatives
-Key leadership and technical benefits and risks to be aware of as you plan, execute and optimize your big data implementation strategy across one or multiple business units

Duration: 52:39
Publisher: Google Cloud
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