Livin' on the (CDN) Edge (Cloud Next '19)

Google Cloud CDN is delivered on Google’s high performance global network and edge infrastructure. Cloud CDN uses Google’s globally distributed points of presence to secure and accelerate video and web content delivery for applications served out of Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage, reducing latency and serving costs. Join us to learn how Google builds and operates its content delivery network infrastructure. We deep dive into CDN features including caching fundamentals, custom cache keys, security features, TLS customization, live streaming support, IPv6 clients, logging and monitoring. We walk you through Cloud CDN use cases via hands on demos and recap the learnings and best practices based on real-world customer deployments.

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Speaker(s): Saurabh Gupta, Brian Rogan

Session ID: NET303
product:Cloud CDN,Cloud Virtual Network,Stackdriver Monitoring; fullname:Saurabh Gupta,Brian Rogan;

Duration: 41:4
Publisher: Google Cloud
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