Loadbalancer.org Releases Major Software Update to Address PCI Compliance of Cloud-Based Services

Loadbalancer.org, Inc., a global provider of “high-performance” load balancing solutions, founded in 2003, has released its major management software update, V8.0. The software would address market feedback to enable smooth migration to cloud-based services and security for PCI compliance.

“The new software release is the second step in a series of planned responses to market demands,” said Malcolm Turnbull, CEO, Loadbalancer.org, Inc. “It was clear that customers wanted the integration of a web application firewall (WAF), but unlike other suppliers we have introduced it across the board and so it will now help businesses of all sizes to easily become PCI compliant.”

load-balancer-cloudThe load balancing appliances are now secure by default with unique security keys generated on first boot. Businesses that are moving to cloud based services would benefit from easy migration with Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure both fully supported. There is also a new ‘one-click’ master & slave pairing that would make a set-up quite easy.

“Another thing that became very clear was the market also wanted a less restrictive license on the base model, the R16,” added Mr. Turnbull. “In response to this, we have replaced the base model with the improved R20 that comprises 5 application clusters each with 4 back-ends. We believe this will be more compatible with the vast majority of customer deployments and help reduce costs. This keeps us ahead of the curve and keeps us as the best value-for-money of any established load balancing supplier.”

The new software is now shipping with all new appliances and available as an online update to existing customers.

With thousands of load balancers deployed on six continents, Loadbalancer.org is a pioneer in providing flexible solutions to meet customer needs. Loadbalancer.org has offices in the US, Canada, Germany and a global headquarters in the UK.

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