Log Management Platform Scalyr Unveils New Troubleshooting Features

AWS CloudWatchScalyr, a log management platform designed for “next-generation” development and deployment practices, has unveiled collaboration features, new integrations and Kubernetes awareness – to strengthen engineering and operations productivity across “modern,” distributed architectures.

Scalyr‘s integrated suite of server monitoring, log management, visualization and analysis tools would enable teams to work together on code and quickly get to the bottom of issues causing downtime.

“The move to the cloud, coupled with trends such as delivering applications as microservices, has made it easier to build applications, but more complex than ever to maintain them,” said Steve Newman, CEO and co-founder of Scalyr. “We help engineers understand what’s going on with their applications and infrastructure so they can make the most of their time. These updates will give teams the ability to maximize workflow efficiency and dramatically improve collaboration.”

Scalyr would make it possible to gain insights across all log sources and applications. New features include:

  • Kubernetes Cluster-Level Logging – Teams can monitor and troubleshoot Kubernetes environments by centralizing and visualizing logs. Regardless of the source, Scalyr would intelligently ingest and parse logs, as well as organize them by deployment, to give developers an application-level view for faster issue resolution in complex container environments.
  • Chart Annotations – To improve collaboration among engineering and operations, chart annotations would provide a way to call attention to specific points or windows of time on a dashboard chart. Annotations can be manually added to highlight potential issues and shared with team members via collaboration tools like Slack, directly from Scalyr helping developers “quickly” hone in on the problem at hand.
  • Stack Trace Linking – To streamline debugging workflows, developers can immediately jump from their log search directly to the reference source code in their repositories. Investigating exceptions would be as easy as one mouse click. Scalyr supports any web-linkable repository, such as GitHub or GitLab.
  • AWS CloudWatch Support – This native integration would provide an “easy, scalable” solution for importing logs, including serverless AWS Lambda functions and other AWS Cloud services. Engineering and operations would now get a holistic view of their AWS-based applications and the ability to develop custom alerts and dashboards.

These new capabilities on the Scalyr platform will be available in Q4 2018. For more information, please visit Scalyr’s blog for more details. Additionally, Scalyr will be demoing these new product features at AWS re:Invent.

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