Logicalis US Extends Cloud Hosting Service Offerings in North America, Partners with IBM SoftLayer

Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with IBM SoftLayer that will expand Logicalis’ already extensive cloud hosting service offerings in North America. Through this agreement with IBM SoftLayer, Logicalis US strengthens its ability to transition IBM customers to the cloud.

The agreement with IBM SoftLayer comes in response to rapid changes in the way CIOs want to use the cloud to leverage new capabilities and cost savings for their organizations.

softlayer-cloud“The way businesses look at computing is changing rapidly today,” said Mike Martin, Senior Vice President, Solutions and Services, Logicalis US. “CIOs are not as concerned about the physical hardware and software as they are about delivering compute resources in the way their users want to consume them. That means they need rapid self-provisioning, automation and capacity-on-demand, all attributes that they’ve come to rely on the cloud to provide, and they need those attributes packaged in new ways that make delivering those compute resources both cost-effective and easy to manage.”

“Through Logicalis US‘ agreement with SoftLayer, we are extending our already strong cloud portfolio to include a new platform that expands our ability to build environments to support our clients’ varied business workloads,” added Martin.

North American Offerings

Logicalis US boasts a wide variety of cloud hosting services, including its own multi-tenant managed cloud, a multi-tenant self-service “on demand” cloud, and a Logicalis-hosted private cloud, all created to offer flexibility and choice to enterprise clients looking for new ways to deliver high-performance compute capabilities to their users in the most cost-effective, efficient and strategic ways possible.

The company expects to roll out its first North American offerings on the SoftLayer cloud hosting platform by the end of the year in three of Logicalis US‘ key go-to-market areas:

  • Systems Integration – SoftLayer will be leveraged to design specific environments for clients who need to move existing or new IBM-centric workloads onto the SoftLayer platform.
  • Managed Services – Logicalis will use SoftLayer to host IBM-centric environments wrapped with Logicalis’ portfolio of managed services.
  • Cloud Services – By integrating its existing IBM-centric cloud platforms onto the SoftLayer platform, Logicalis will be able to expand its capabilities in business-critical areas such as disaster recovery, high availability and cloud bursting.