Los Angeles-based Hosting Provider Psychz Networks Implements NSFOCUS anti-DDoS System

dedicated-serverDedicated server hosting provider Psychz Networks has implemented the NSFOCUS anti-DDoS system (ADS), network traffic analyst (NTA) and ADS-M management platform. The dedicated server company can now offer its customers the peace of mind that their websites have a battle-tested protection plan in place against DDoS attacks

ADS is a hardware appliance that intelligently recognizes potential DDoS attacks, actively works to mitigate attack traffic in real-time, and provides user-friendly reporting and management. Based on network environments and customer requirements, the ADS appliance can be used with the NTA and ADS-M to protect complicated networks for ISPs and large IDCs on multiple levels.

DDoS expert

“The flexibility of the ADS hardware has allowed us to meet our specific needs by easily handling the hundreds of attacks we typically see monthly, ranging from one gigabit to 10 gigabits and beyond,” said George Becerra, director of business development at Psychz Networks. “The 24/7 availability of a DDoS expert to answer our questions – even if unrelated to a specific attack – has gone a long way in helping us understand the nature of these attacks so we can offer better protection to our clients.”

“Web hosting providers must take steps to ensure they can reliably deliver on service level agreements, most notably site uptime,” said Frank Ip, vice president of U.S. operations NSFOCUS. “By implementing ADS as part of its overall security strategy, Psychz Networks is demonstrating to its customers how seriously it takes these pervasive threats.”

Based in Los Angeles, California, Psychz Networks is a full service dedicated server hosting provider. For over 10 years in the hosting market, Psychz Networks has been serving small to medium sized businesses worldwide.

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