Los Angeles-based QuadraNet Launches Dedicated Servers with E3-1200 v3 and S3500 SSD

QuadraNet, one of the largest hosting providers in the greater Los Angeles region, has added Intel’s latest E3-1200 v3 Xeon processors and S3500 Solid-State Drive series as standard to its dedicated servers in all of the company’s data centers – the Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami locations.

The upgraded dedicated servers of QuadraNet are available in all of the companies data centers, in Los Angeles, Dallas (picture) and Miami.

Usage of Intel’s S3500 SSD would help to increase storage performance and provide enhanced end-to-end data protection. The end-to-end data protection safeguards data by using an advanced error correction scheme, cyclic redundancy checks, LBA tag validation, and parity checks. Additionally, 20nm MLC NAND Flash Memory technology would aid in performance of the dedicated server packages. QuadraNet offers its SSD Dedicated Servers  in 160GB, 300GB, 600GB and 800GB capacities.

Dedicated server uptime

With the Xeon E3-1200 v3 processors as standard in all dedicated servers, QuadraNet customers receive the newly introduced ‘Haswell’ architecture which allows the processor to handle a variety of different workloads. The new architecture would deliver an improved energy-efficient performance up to a staggering 181 percent. Complete with the Intel AES-NI, the v3 products improve dedicated server security without slowing response time. QuadraNet states that the v3 series improves upon previous Intel releases while delivering a high level of system uptime – due to an improved error correcting code, increased application run speed, and enhanced graphics capabilities.

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