Los Angeles-based Web Hosting Provider, Eleven2, Launches Shared SSD Hosting

eleven2-vps-hostingEleven2, a web hosting provider located in Los Angeles, has announced the launch of its shared SSD hosting. The new shared web hosting plans would be up to 1,000% faster than standard HDD hosting, according to Eleven2.

Eleven2 is using 12gb/s Avago RAID cards with Samsung Enterprise SSD drives for their new web hosting packages.

To make sure speeds never slow down, and reliability is at its maximum, Eleven2 configured their array in a RAID10, and are utilizing Over-Provisioning. The drive sequential read speeds would exceed 1,000 MB/s.

Eleven2’s SSD hosting is optimized for dynamic applications. When using a dynamic application such as WordPress, users would see the biggest gains on SSD hosting. Most of today’s popular scripts are heavy database users. Database queries are quick reads and writes of data, and this is where SSD’s shine. Faster reads and writes translates into faster page loading times.

Eleven2 specializes in virtual servers, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, shared web hosting, and domain name registration services. The company has more than 100,000 websites hosted, while its servers are located in the US, UK, and Asia.