Lots of Vacancies in the Web Hosting Industry

The worldwide economic downturn is still there, but the web hosting industry is flourishing unceasingly.

Right now, Rackspace has 200 web hosting vacancies across a variety of departments and (international) locations. GoDaddy has 73 open jobs, whereas Softlayer Technologies currently has 38 job openings and Internap has 33 hosting jobs to fill.

The number of job openings per hosting provider don’t necessarily illustrate a difference in success. The latter two companies, Softlayer and Internap, are operating more in the field of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – the hosting of IT infrastructure. Such a business model doesn’t require that much specialized manpower on the user side of web hosting.

Web Hosting Jobs

Rackspace headquarters ”The Castle’ in San Antonio

Most of the job openings at Rackspace are its Headquarters ‘The Castle’ in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. Rackspace also has quite some web hosting jobs to fill in Great Britain and some other locations outside the US.

GoDaddy expects 300(!) new web hosting jobs to be created when its GoDaddy Global Technology Center is completed in 2014. In May, the company broke ground on the campus, a state-of-the-art 150,000 square foot facility at the ASU Research Park in Tempe, Ariz. It will provide room for further expansion even beyond the 300 new web hosting jobs expected to be created. Right now, the Scottsdale-based company also has offices in four other locations in Arizona, as well as Colorado, Iowa and Hyderabad, India. Other international facilities include Canada, Singapore and The Netherlands.

GoDaddy Commercial


GoDaddy Commercial: Bar Refaeli’s Big Kiss



Also, GoDaddy is preparing to open a new Bay Area office in Sunnyvale. The new facility at the Moffett Towers  affords the web hosting company 40,000 square feet of space in a great location, tripling its current Sunnyvale capacity to make room for the influx of new talent. GoDaddy will be joining companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and HP at the Moffett Towers location.

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