Luiza Labs: Creating an Agnostic Data Ecosystem to Deliver a Broad View of Customers [Portuguese]

In this episode of This Is My Architecture (, Nelson Forte, Artificial Intelligence Technical Leader explains how Luiza Labs created an agnostic data ecosystem using AWS services and open source tools to provide a broad view of customer’s information. The cluster provides information about website’s search engine, e-mail marketing information for filtering, sales, delivery, product information like reviews and many more. Amazon SQS receives JSON messages about customer’s interactions with recommendation of products, their activity using W-FI in the stores etc. These messages are received by workers running on Amazon EMR that send messages to Apache Flume. Data from relational databases is ingested in the cluster using Apache Sqoop and data from systems that are not accessible through JDBC like ERP/CRM are ingested through files that are generated and put in Amazon S3. With this approach, they created a broad and complete view of their customers using Apache HBASE on Amazon EMR.

– Host Name and Business Title: Claudia Charro, Solutions Architect, AWS
– Customer Name and Business Title: Nelson Forte, Artificial Intelligence Technical Leader, Luiza Labs

Duration: 6:24
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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