Lumen Adds Enhanced Security Capabilities to Its SASE Solution

Lumen Technologies - booth

Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN) has announced major improvements to its flagship SASE solution, further solidifying its position as a leader in the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) market. Through his announcement, Lumen reaffirms its dedication to provide a simplified, secured, and scalable SASE solution catered to the requirements of enterprises across a range of industries.

Lumen’s SASE Solutions would offer a pioneering digital experience for the acquisition, configuration, and management of enterprise SASE. These recent modifications would stem directly from feedback from its user base, showcasing Lumen’s dedication to adapting to and addressing customer needs.

One of the standout facets of Lumen’s SASE Solutions is its innovative approach. Focusing primarily on simplification, the platform aims to offer a secured, scalable, and flexible SASE experience to businesses regardless of size or industry.

Feedback from existing clients highlighted several areas of enhancement:

  • Enhanced oversight and control for access to cloud applications, whether they are used on authorized or unauthorized devices
  • Streamlined division between private data center assets and cloud resources, complemented by broadened SaaS and web security services
  • Centralized access to security services within a cloud-based framework
  • Effortless transition to a cloud-first model that offers the agility to scale as necessary

Darren Wolner, the Senior Director of SASE Product Management at Lumen Technologies, commented on the company’s customer-centric approach, “With the surge in cloud service adoption, particularly as hybrid work models become standard, organizations quickly realized the crucial need for robust security. Lumen’s latest enhancements to the SASE Solutions are tailored to meet these evolving needs.”

The fresh additions to Lumen’s SASE Solutions comprise the following:

Security Service Edge (SSE) and Cloud-hosted Gateways:

  • SSE features an amalgamation of cloud-focused security capabilities, such as cloud-hosted gateways, that ensure secure website access and manage user permissions for SaaS applications
  • The gateways, which are cloud-hosted, allow companies to embrace adaptable network and security management features without the constraint of onsite equipment
  • Lumen’s hosted gateways offer advantages like migrating from shared gateways to dedicated nodes for better security, offering centralized security services, and facilitating secure remote access to data and applications

Global Expansion:

  • Businesses based in the U.S. can now expand premise-based SASE services to regions including Canada and the EMEA

Pete Finalle, a Research Manager at IDC, shed light on the current challenges faced by businesses. “The emergence of a hybrid work environment, combined with the integration of multi-cloud resources, has birthed numerous networking and security challenges. Few companies are equipped to address these without a client-focused approach. Lumen stands out in this regard, thanks to its expansive network and cloud infrastructure.”

Mr. Finalle went on to add that Lumen Technologies’ combination of a comprehensive cloud-based security solution and a hands-on approach to resolving the complex challenges of networking and security sets it apart. The company’s digital customer experience would  further simplify the SASE adoption process, which is often hindered by deployment and management complexities.