Lumen Provides Organizations with Extended Edge Deployment Options

Lumen Technologies booth

To provide businesses additional options for where to deploy workloads and applications at the edge, nearer to digital interactions, Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN) is continuing to invest in edge computing on the Lumen platform. Organizations now have access to on-demand computation, storage, and secure networking thanks to Lumen’s Lumen Edge Virtual Machines (VMs). The extensive edge portfolio of the firm is integrated with Lumen Edge VM, which is offered on the Lumen Marketplace.

Lumen is introducing this turn-key solution to address the issues of building and operating next-generation applications, assisting organizations in delivering improved customer experiences.

“Growing digital businesses need infrastructure that gives them the level of compute power they need – where, when, and how they need it,” said Dave Cooper, Senior Vice President, Edge Computing, Lumen Technologies. “The Lumen platform provides just that. And with Lumen Edge VM, businesses have a flexible, on-demand compute solution on the Lumen platform. It gives the power of orchestration and connectivity across hybrid IT environments, providing a unique combination of benefits – increased agility and reliability, plus reduced latency, enhanced security, and low cost.”

Management and Orchestration Tools

 Dave Cooper, SVP, Edge Computing, Lumen Technologies
“Growing digital businesses need infrastructure that gives them the level of compute power they need – where, when, and how they need it,” said Dave Cooper, SVP, Edge Computing, Lumen Technologies.

Lumen Edge VM would provide flexibility, value, and availability. Businesses may benefit from having access to various computing configurations, storage options, and management and orchestration tools to serve a range of application sizes. Customers that use Lumen Edge VM may build virtual machines on-demand for adding, updating, and removing workloads and applications on shared, multi-tenant servers housed in Lumen edge facilities.

Using open-source technologies, Lumen Edge VM provides support for several operating systems, a variety of configurations, and storage.  Through Lumen Edge Orchestrator, along with other Lumen edge services and public cloud services like AWS, Microsoft, and Google, Lumen Edge VM may be controlled. With a pay only for usage approach across a range of compute requirements and no capital expenditure necessary, the ‘as-a-service’ solution would aid enterprises in reducing costs.

Lumen Edge VM runs on the Lumen platform, underpinned by the Lumen fiber network. The infrastructure and network services are fully managed by Lumen. Through a single provider, organizations can get the low latency capabilities that compute-intensive, next-generation applications require.

Workloads and applications at the edge might benefit from the flexibility of execution venues provided by Lumen Edge VM. Businesses can access distributed compute services across dispersed markets, providing the availability needed to work and collaborate across expanded geographies.

Lumen’s global network backbone features more than 190,000 on-net buildings, 450,000 worldwide route miles of fiber, and seamless connections to over 2,200 public and private third-party data centers and popular public cloud service providers (CSPs).