Machine Learning with Google Cloud and Intel® IoT Gateway Technology

Machine learning is one of the ways that we can make sense of large data sets and begin to predict the behavior of a monitored system – from predictive maintenance in a factory to creating better cyber security. In this session, you will learn how to forecast the weather using the Intel® NUC gateway and Google’s Machine Learning Engine. We will use the Intel® NUC gateway along with an Arduino 101 sensor hub to collect local sensor data, send the data to Machine Learning Engine. We will then use TensorFlow to train our model and generate some data predictions. The trained model will then be run locally on the Intel NUC gateway in order to find anomalies in the sensor data and generate alerts.

This video is the third in a 3-part series. The first video can be found here:

This video walks through using an Intel® NUC gateway and Arduino 101 sensor hub to gather environmental data and establish a data pipeline to Google Cloud Platform™

The second video can be found here:

In this video, we’ll continue our data’s journey from Cloud Pub/Sub to BigQuery and talk through some data analysis.

Duration: 50:54
Publisher: Google Cloud
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