Machine Learning with TensorFlow and PyTorch on Apache Hadoop using Cloud Dataproc (Cloud Next '19)

Did you know it’s possible to leverage the capabilities of Apache Hadoop to train Machine Learning models? We’ll show how you can use TonY (TensorFlow on Yarn) to do just that! With TonY and Cloud Dataproc, we’ll demonstrate how you can get started training TensorFlow and PyTorch models directly on Apache Hadoop! Given the great options available on Google Cloud for training Machine Learning models, we’ll explain how to determine whether TonY might be the best fit for you!

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Speaker(s): Gonzalo Gasca Meza, Brad Miro

Session ID: MLAI225
product:Cloud Dataproc, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Cloud AI, AI;
fullname:Gonzalo Gasca Meza,Brad Miro;

Duration: 37:39
Publisher: Google Cloud
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