Magento eCommerce and CMS Hosting Company, Nexcess, Expands UK Operations with New Data Center in London Region

Nexcess, a provider of performance-optimized Magento eCommerce and CMS hosting, has announced the expansion of its European managed hosting operations to a new data center near London, UK.

The new location is based in the recently built “state-of-the-art” 4D Gatwick Data Center and augments Nexcess’ existing facilities in the UK. Nexcess is expanding UK operations to accommodate demand for its performance-optimized managed Magento, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, and CraftCMS hosting products in the UK and Europe.

The new facility in the London region joins Nexcess’ global network of hosting locations which include multiple points of presence throughout Europe, the US, and Australia. 

Connectivity, Power, Security 

The new facility would meet Nexcess’ rigorous standards for redundant power, excellent connectivity, full-spectrum physical and electronic security, and a five-nines service level agreement.

expressionengine hosting nexcessNexcess’ full range of managed hosting products are available from the new facility, a carrier-neutral Tier–3 data center with multiple Tier–1 bandwidth providers for “reliable low-latency” connectivity to the UK and Europe.

“We’ve been blown away by the incredible demand for our hosting platform in the UK and Europe,“ said Chris Wells, President and CEO of Nexcess. “By expanding to new facilities, we’re able to accommodate the ever-growing appetite for a hosting platform that makes no compromises where performance and support are concerned.” 

Nexcess provides managed hosting for Magento eCommerce stores and a handpicked range of “superior” content management systems, including WordPress, ExpressionEngine, and CraftCMS. Nexcess offers expertly engineered hosting for a small range of applications, providing each with a hosting environment engineered from the ground up for high performance and reliability.

Nexcess’ hosting plans range from shared web hosting for boutique eCommerce stores and business sites to custom clusters capable of supporting the largest enterprise retailers and publishers.

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