Magento Partners with New Relic to Deliver Performance Analytics for Retailers

Magento retailers can now access business analytics through custom dashboards delivered by New Relic Insights and use New Relic APM (Application Performance Monitoring) to improve site speed and stability. The extension is available on the Magento Connect marketplace for both the Enterprise Edition and Community Edition platforms.

This partnership would allow Magento retailers to use New Relic APM and New Relic Insights to easily monitor, in real time, their site’s software and business analytics so that they can prevent bottlenecks and better understand how software performance is impacting their bottom line. The extension was built for Magento by New Relic partner, Blue Acorn.

magento-hosting“Real-time performance is a critical consideration for online retailers,” said John Gray, senior vice president of business development, New Relic. “Our partnership with Magento brings the power of software analytics to Magento users, including real-time, customized dashboards that show customer engagement data and other elements impacting their business. With New Relic, Magento customers can make data-driven decisions to improve performance and business results.”

The new Relic application performance monitoring for Magento would include:

  • Code-level visibility, end-to-end transaction tracing, and detailed analysis of environment and performance data to improve site speed and stability.
  • Easy setup of custom alerts and triggers to ensure that key transactions are running quickly and reliably.
  • Management of Magento third-party extensions and application dependencies to quickly find and fix any potential issues.
  • Tracking of platform performance, environments and error data over time to discover trends and underlying issues.
  • In the Enterprise Edition, easy identification of impact from technology changes, like flushing the full-page cache, with markers in New Relic APM.
  • Option for entirely new views of how software impacts the bottom line by seeing how application and environment changes influence business metrics.
  • Visualization of Magento business, performance, and environment data in a real-time, customizable dashboard.
  • Additional reporting on transaction activity, page views, order values, catalog size, customer counts, admin users, and more, to go beyond standard performance reporting.
  • Creation of custom New Relic Query Language (NRQL) queries for ad hoc reporting of Magento business and application metrics.
  • Enriched reporting in New Relic Insights that can be combined with other Magento data and events by adding to the open source New Relic Reporting extension.

New Relic Reporting for Magento has already proven to be invaluable to’s business by providing visibility into previously unavailable application and business data.

“Using the New Relic Reporting extension for Magento and New Relic APM has allowed us to pinpoint ways to improve site performance and cut the time it takes to resolve issues,” said Jon Azrielant, director of marketing, “Alerts notify us whenever we have an issue and access to real-time performance and transaction dashboards lets us know exactly where we need to focus our development efforts to optimize our site’s shopping experience.”

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