Maintech Expands Its ITaaS Service Offering with the Addition of Maintech Cloud

Maintech, an IT services company founded in 1973 delivering its services globally, has announced the expansion of its IT as a Service (ITaaS) service offering to include Maintech Cloud.

The Maintech Cloud solution would especially be appealing for industries such as healthcare and finance – which require private cloud services to be compliant with industry/government regulations for risk management. Maintech can provide dedicated hardware, storage and network topology, allowing companies to move to the cloud without capital investment.

maintech cloud“Through ITaaS, we are enabling mid-market companies to buy enterprise-level IT Support as they would buy any of their utilities,” said Kirk Panitz, Director of ITaaS Business Development. “Because not everyone is ready to outsource all IT responsibilities or completely exit their in-house Data Centers, companies can select from a menu of ITaaS services to get started and then adjust as their IT enterprise grows.”

The new Maintech Cloud introduces the following solutions:

Secured Cloud Storage

Accessible anywhere in the world, Maintech’s Cloud would provide a secure home for an organization’s data. CAPEX costs are reduced when using cloud-managed storage while OPEX costs for storage maintenance would be eliminated.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Maintech Cloud would assure optimal protection for an organization’s data if disaster or infrastructure failure hits the enterprise. Maintech’s certified engineers work with a customer’s IT architects to assess current cloud backup configurations, determine what needs to be saved, how often it should be updated, and the best time to carry out backup procedures.


Maintech Cloud also claims to offer Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and colocation solutions that can meet the infrastructure requirements of any organization, with flexible storage and performance plans. Organizations receive full support when they provide or lease any network, server, storage, or firewall component.

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