Major Additions to IBM Flex Systems Squeeze Large Cloud into Small Data Center

IBM New Flex System

IBM has announced a number of major additions to its Flex System portfolio. The new server technology offerings will help clients use smaller data center environments to quickly deploy, manage and secure increasingly larger clouds.

Big Blue has combined the latest server technology with new virtualization, networking and management tools, allowing clients to consolidate their existing IT infrastructures and reduce operating costs. The offerings consist of three systems built on both IBM POWER7+ and a “double dense” x222 system built on x86 technology. Additionally, IBM has upgraded the Flex System Manager so that clients can monitor and manage up to 5,000 infrastructure end points and do so from any location utilizing iOS, Android and Blackberry mobile devices.

The key elements of IBM’s product extension include:

  • Flex System x222 – A new double density design built on x86 architecture that allows support for up to 2,800 Windows 7 user images in a single chassis.
  • Flex System p460 – Delivers POWER7+ performance for clients with larger workloads.
  • Flex System p270 –  A POWER7+ option that is designed for medium-sized businesses and delivers performance for technical computing and data analytics.
  • Flex System p260 –  A new entry-level POWER7+ node ideal for IBM i workloads.
  • Flex System Manager – Provides management of more systems from a single point of control and the ability to do so from any location with iOS, Android or Blackberry devices; provides a new utilization fuel gauge to help clients monitor the status and availability of their infrastructure manage; and has been expanded with the ability to manage the System x HANA-optimized x3950.
  • New switches and fabrics that help enable Software Defined Networks (SDN) and improve connectivity and performance by increasing infrastructure bandwidth up to 40Gb.

Libra Internet Bank, one of the leading banking services providers in Romania, is announcing that they will replace the legacy systems used currently in their production infrastructure.  Libra Internet Bank anticipates that the new Flex System data center will increase the security, performance and efficiency of the banking services they offer clients. The Romanian bank is turning to Flex System to replace their legacy blade infrastructures and deploy new cloud environments.

IBM Flex Systems are built-to-order offerings for clients who want to custom build and tune configurations to their specific requirements. This allows them to select the specific compute, systems networking and optional storage and management required to support their specific workloads. The IBM Flex System provides the building-block elements for IBM PureSystems. There are currently more than 4,500 channel partners for PureFlex and IBM Flex Systems.

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO