Making Planet Scale Geospatial Processing Possible with BigQuery GIS (Cloud Next '19)

Joining big data with planet scale image analysis stretches the frontier of impossibly big GIS. In this session, Descartes Labs will first explain how they’re usingBigQuery GIS to perform analyses with data volumes and speeds that could only be handled efficiently on Google Cloud infrastructure. Then, Global Fishing Watch will present their method for combining radar image processing in Earth Engine and vessel telemetry data in BigQuery to detect and identify illicit activities at sea. Finally, you’ll peek under the hood with an esteemed BigQuery engineer and learn the fundamental mathematical mechanics underlying BigQuery GIS, Earth Engine, and all of Google’s mapping products.

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Speaker(s): Tim Kelton, David Kroodsma, Mosha Pasumansky

Session ID: DA200
product:BigQuery,Earth Engine; fullname:Mosha Pasumansky;

Duration: 48:3
Publisher: Google Cloud
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