Managed Azure Pack Cloud Hosting Packages Released by Florida-based Applied Innovations

Applied Innovations, a cloud hosting provider and Microsoft partner, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, has announced a new Managed Azure Pack cloud hosting solution, leveraging load balancing and on-demand scaling on top of the Windows Azure Pack platform.

Windows Azure Pack is a collection of Microsoft Azure (public cloud) technologies: a growing collection of integrated services, compute, storage, data, networking and apps. Applied Innovations has leveraged this technology to give businesses the infrastructure of Azure managed by Windows managed hosting experts.

managed-azure-packApplied Innovations’ new hosting offer is known as Managed Azure Pack (MAP) and is an elastic cloud hosting platform that would provide the benefits of large public clouds plus those Windows Azure Pack deliver, but in a more agile and responsive package with superior managed support and expertise not usually seen in standard hosting packages.

With three different plan offerings, including reserved instances for businesses with dedicated demands, Applied Innovations has solutions to meet a variety of business needs.

Cluster of Servers 

The Managed Azure Pack cloud hosting solution employs a highly available infrastructure with load balancers distributing traffic through a cluster of servers utilizing highly redundant SQL. This would ensure that websites are always on. A user-friendly control panel allows businesses to scale resources and instances on the fly.

“When Microsoft branded this bundle of technology infrastructure and administration tools as Windows Azure Pack (WAP), we saw the opportunity to take a leap beyond the traditional shared hosting that we (and everybody else) had been offering,” said Jess Coburn, CEO of Applied Innovations. “I thought, why not take the power and the value of this large scale cloud hosting environment, get rid of the frustrating parts that make it difficult to use, and roll it all up in a web hosting service package custom-designed for our SMB clientele?”

Applied Innovations uses the NAP of the Americas as its flagship Tier-IV data center. This 750,000 square feet colocation facility, operated by Verizon, offers backbone access to 160 global carriers and has a N+2 power and cooling infrastructure in place.