Cloudways Unveils Multi-Domain Protection Through Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

The built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL on Cloudways’ cloud platform can now be used to protect multiple domains with a single free certificate. Now, users do not have to go through the hassle of installing certificates for each domain separately, which would cut costs, minimize deployment time, and eliminate SSL management hassles.

Supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla, and EFF, Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority that provides free certificates to enable HTTPS (SSL) for websites. On Cloudways, these certificates are available without any cost on a single click.

cloud servers cloudways“Our aim is to build Cloudways as one of the easiest cloud hosting platform in the industry,” said Aaqib Gadit, co-founder at Cloudways. “The availability of free multi-domain Let’s Encrypt SSL will streamline website protection with the added benefit of cost savings and simplified management.”

By using a single Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate, website owners can secure multiple websites on a single server with HTTPS. The entire deployment process would get completed within minutes.

If desired, a third-party SAN SSL certificate can also be utilized. The platform comes with a “simple” panel for installing these certificates. It would only take a few clicks to install a Let’s Encrypt or custom certificate.

The CloudWays platform comes with all the standard development and deployment tools, such as 15+ installation packages and scripts, browser-based SSH access, Git workflows, unlimited staging URLs, and automatic backups.

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