Managed CockroachDB Available on Google Cloud and AWS at Launch

The release of Managed CockroachDB, a cloud-neutral and geo-distributed SQL database for global businesses, marks Cockroach Labs’ entry into the database-as-a-service (DBaaS) market. Managed CockroachDB would significantly reduce the time to value for companies that do not have expertise deploying globally distributed database systems.

As a cloud-neutral, geo-distributed SQL DBaaS solution, Managed CockroachDB will initially be launched on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). “I don’t fundamentally believe in Swiss Army knives or solutions that solve every problem, but CockroachDB gets surprisingly close to solving a large number of relevant challenges that we see in the industry,” said Simon Kissler, Associate Director of Emerging Technology at Accenture.

Geo-Distributed Database

This Database as-a-Service solution would give CockroachDB customers across the finance, gaming, health, and retail industries a fully-managed database for building resilient, globally-scaled services. Features such as geo-partitioning would minimize latency for users by locating data in close proximity to demand. Row-level data-domiciling constraints would ensure compliance with data localization requirements. These are just some of the capabilities CockroachDB provides.

We’re launching Managed CockroachDB to meet the surging demand from customers who prefer to outsource the operational burden of deploying and managing a geo-distributed database,” said Spencer Kimball, CEO and co-founder of Cockroach Labs. “We’ve been seeing significant migration activity away from Oracle, AWS Aurora, and Cassandra, and we’re now able to get our customers to market faster with Managed CockroachDB.”