Managed Hosting and Colocation Master Agent, COLOTRAQ, Launches IT Risk/Cybersecurity Assessment and Planning Service

COLOTRAQ, a global sourcing advisory firm and master agency for managed hosting, colocation, cloud and related network services, has announced the launch of a new services offering. The company is now offering its clients and agent partners an ‘IT Risk and Cybersecurity Assessment/Planning Service’ to complement its growing suite of value-added consulting services – to assist clients with strategic sourcing and procurement of their IT Infrastructure.

colotraq data center servicesNo matter if the client’s infrastructure is cloud, colocation or a managed data center, COLOTRAQ’s DCI_CS cybersecurity assessment and follow-on enterprise planning and remediation services would ensure that clients have control in their computing environments.

COLOTRAQ’s cybersecurity experts will provide feedback on where there might be benefits with enterprise cyber security planning and vulnerability remediation. The company plans on making this ‘IT Risk and Cybersecurity Assessment/Planning Service’ available to any of its agent partners so they can provide their clients with this complimentary service as well as provide more in-depth assessments and solutions if necessary.

Cybersecurity Assessment

COLOTRAQ’s DCI_CS “initial free” cybersecurity assessment will let clients know the scale of threat they are under. The company’s DCI_CS would empower the CISO with a cybersecurity plan or serve as a virtual CISO if a client doesn’t have one.

“Our approach to assessing a client’s cybersecurity effectiveness is to ensure that the audit and controls are comprehensive, repeatable, compliant to regulatory reporting, and in the hands of the right business owners,” said Dany Bouchedid, CEO of COLOTRAQ. “COLOTRAQ’s DCI_CS brings the breadth and scope of evaluations, vendors, and solutions that includes all aspects of cybersecurity planning and remediation whether that applies to traditional colocation, managed hosting, private, public or hybrid cloud.”

Since 1999, COLOTRAQ has been helping find data center infrastructure solutions for businesses and institutions worldwide through its network of over 400 service providers in over 1,300 cities across 140 countries and territories.

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