Managed Hosting Company INetU Partners with New Relic to Provide Enhanced Application Performance Monitoring

INetU, a managed cloud hosting and security services company located in Allentown, PA, has announced enhanced application performance monitoring offerings through a new partnership with software analytics company New Relic.

INetU customers can now leverage New Relic directly through INetU, enabling both INetU engineers and their clients to monitor applications and diagnose performance issues seen by end users quickly and proactively.

new relic“When an application is running slow, it isn’t always easy to identify it, or find its root cause,” said Andrew Hodes, chief technology officer (CTO) at INetU. “Performance issues can reside in any level of an application’s architecture and by leveraging New Relic to help uncover the cause of bottlenecks, we can work together with our customers to more quickly diagnose issues in order to get them solved in a fraction of the time.”

Using New Relic gives INetU a view of its customers’ applications that it can merge with other data to proactively monitor trends in a customer environment. INetU and its customers would better able to work together to diagnose performance problems, isolating the root cause of the issue. The tool supports application technologies including .NET, PHP, Python, JAVA, Ruby and Node.js.

“New Relic is proud to partner with leaders like INetU to bring the power of software analytics to its customers,” said John Gray, New Relic’s SVP of business development. “This partnership underlines New Relic’s commitment to helping companies of all sizes build better software and make better decisions through data.”