Managed Hosting Company, Peak Hosting, Deploys SolidFire All-Flash Storage

Peak Hosting, a managed hosting provider with data center presence across the U.S. and in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has deployed SolidFire’s all-flash, scale-out storage to provide “guaranteed high-performance” to its customers.

Peak Hosting has added SolidFire’s storage platform to its data center infrastructure to offer customers the simplicity, speed, scalability, reliability and guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) they require. SolidFire’s high IOPS, low-latency and high-performance throughput would enable Peak Hosting to meet the variable performance requirements of its mixed-workload environment.

“At Peak Hosting, we have always focused heavily upfront on the design of our customers’ hosting architecture to meet their complex requirements,” said Jon Billow, vice president, engineering, Peak Hosting. “Adding SolidFire as part of our AlwaysUp SAN portfolio allows us to further meet our customers’ performance expectations for their storage in a measurable and accountable way.”

solidfire-all-flash-storagePeak Hosting’s all-flash solution aligns directly with the requirements of each client application and grows storage incrementally “without downtime or performance impact.” SolidFire’s ability to scale out immediately, non-disruptively and without additional hardware would be essential for ensuring clients’ hosted environments are up and running at all times.

Noisy-Neighbor Issues

In addition, SolidFire’s integrated volume-level QoS capabilities would allow Peak Hosting to ensure fast and predictable performance for critical customer workloads and eliminate noisy-neighbor issues. Using SolidFire, Peak Hosting can also increase its operational efficiency by consolidating mixed workloads on a single storage platform.

peak-hosting“Peak Hosting’s customers are fast-moving leaders in their fields who are embracing innovation in their hosting environments,” said Stuart Oliver, global service provider programs manager at SolidFire. “By deploying an all-flash architecture Fueled By SolidFire, Peak Hosting can deliver true performance guarantees of dedicated storage with the economics of a shared infrastructure and help its customers to transition to the Next Generation Data Center.”

SolidFire’s Helix Data Protection would reduce data exposure and help Peak Hosting deliver on its 100 percent uptime SLAs, while its shared-nothing architecture would ensure that no single component failure results in a service outage for customers.

Peak Hosting offers three tiers of SolidFire’s all-flash array storage to meet customers’ specific needs for scalability and guaranteed high performance. In addition, both Peak Hosting and SolidFire’s 24/7 monitoring of customer environments proactively detects if a customer will approach their capacity or performance threshold and will suggest scaling the storage needs immediately.