VIDEO – After launching its Managed Kubernetes Hosting earlier this year, Dutch hosting provider True has now launched a documentary on container technology and Kubernetes. The documentary ‘Decode: Container Technology’ is an open exploration of the rise, challenges and future of container technology and orchestration.

In this 20-minute documentary, experts from MicrosoftNu.nlRancherCarePayTwillTrue and LaunchAI share their experiences with container technologies in general, the challenges they face and expected future adoption of these technologies.

More specific, this documentary is about the challenges organizations face with Kubernetes, an open-source platform “simplifying” the orchestration of thousands of containers. The experts mentioned share their user experiences with Kubernetes and for which purposes they are using the technology, i.e. test-, development-, or production environments. Also, they are sharing the difficulties they encountered.

Infrastructure like Google


“To me container technology is revolutionary because you can run your infrastructure like Google,” said Lennard Eijsackers, Data Engineer at CarePay. “The possibilities now with a container technology like Kubernetes are expanded, as these technologies are widely available for every developer and even for small companies.”

“In our development team we now have a development environment spinned up within a few minutes,” said Nazeem Soeltan, Sr. Software Engineer at Twill. “With container technology you can run all your tools very isolated, you can run multiple versions.”

However, the implementation of container technology is not easy according to Bram Bloks, co-founder at Dutch start-up LaunchAI, “Container technology requires a different work approach. But if your start with container technology right now and if you’ve got the right people working for you, then you have a lot of advantages in delivering better products and faster.”

“You should start by taking small steps, said Tibo Beijen, Sr. Agile Architect at daily Dutch news portal,, “Small steps are the magic words. When something happens, for example, something is running without memory limits and it is pushing other components, then you learn from it. How can I set up defaults? Maybe I should put defaults on a namespace. I should set up different alerts. By acting on the situation you continuously learn as a team and your platform keeps evolving.”

Watch the Kubernetes documentary ‘Decode: Container Technology (a documentary) here on

About True

Founded in 2000, True is a managed hosting provider from the Netherlands. The hosting company delivers managed web spaces, and focuses on ecommerce companies, online media, web applications and digital & media agencies.

With True’s managed workspaces, organizations are able to let employees work with the right applications anytime, anywhere and on any device. Customers can use identity & access control tools to implement changes and “safely” control users, devices, applications and data. True employs around 150 specialists and has its offices located in Amsterdam and Maastricht. True is part of Broad Horizon.

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