Managed Hosting Provider ByteGrid Partners with Trapezoid to Add Firmware Integrity Monitoring Capabilities

ByteGrid, a provider of managed hosting, colocation, hybrid cloud, and compliance services, has announced an agreement with Trapezoid, Inc. to add firmware integrity monitoring capabilities to community and private cloud solutions hosted by ByteGrid. This would deliver new levels of visibility, security, and compliance to ByteGrid’s hosting solutions.

Trapezoid is a cyber security company developing Firmware Integrity Management solutions designed to detect unauthorized changes to firmware & BIOS across the entire data center infrastructure leveraging its patented Trapezoid Marker technology.

Trapezoid’s unique firmware integrity verification tool is designed to detect unauthorized changes in firmware in support of NIST 800-53 rv4, 800-53A rv4 SI-7 and CSF PR-DS.6 controls, leveraging technologies such as Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT).

The company is pioneering the adoption of continuous firmware integrity monitoring as part of the data center security stack with its Trapezoid Firmware Integrity Verification Engine (FIVE). FIVE is a security and compliance tool that monitors and reports the trust level of individual devices across the cloud infrastructure enabling organizations to meet multiple compliance controls.

“It is of critical importance that we continually evolve our service delivery capabilities to maintain the highest level of protection possible across all areas of our platform,” said Mike Duckett, CEO of ByteGrid.

By incorporating FIVE into its security and compliance monitoring framework, managed hosting provider ByteGrid is developing new community and private cloud solutions that would enable ByteGrid customers to monitor and gain immediate visibility into their cloud platform infrastructure to identify what part of its infrastructure already supports hardware integrity technologies like Intel TXT.

ByteGrid incorporates FIVE’s analytics functions to continuously monitor and track the movement and integrity of customers’ cloud computing assets enabling them to develop policies that expressly require firmware integrity measurements like Intel TXT.

“We are pleased that ByteGrid is expanding the depth and breath of their security and compliance controls by deploying our Firmware Integrity Verification Engine to detect unauthorized firmware changes in their highly complaint cloud platform,” said José E. González, CEO of Trapezoid. “ByteGrid will now be adding key security baseline controls that are applicable to both commercial and federal customers.”

Eight Data Centers

ByteGrid delivers its hosting services from eight data centers in six geographically dispersed markets encompassing more than 750,000 square feet of data center space. The company serves some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies, including numerous Fortune 50 companies.

“Our industry is evolving rapidly and requires that all businesses take a continuous, proactive approach to securing the compute environments,” said Mike Duckett, CEO of ByteGrid. “At ByteGrid, we maintain a constant focus on ensuring the highest level of security and regulatory compliance required to protect the sensitive data and applications of our customers. It is of critical importance that we continually evolve our service delivery capabilities to maintain the highest level of protection possible across all areas of our platform. Leveraging the capabilities that Trapezoid built with Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) further enhances our ability to provide this protection and further differentiate our services offering.”

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